Specialized less than truckload service utilizing flatbed trucks equipped with full side kits, wagons, and tarps, serving scheduled lanes at a common carrier price. Out of route deliveries available for an additional charge.


Levinge Freight Lines provides Partial or full Truck Load and Hot Shot service to all 48 states. This service includes flatbed trailer equipment with side-kits and tarps. Team drivers are also available on request.

Special Services:

Hot Shot: Hot shot services available upon request from some terminals locations. See terminal information for applicability.

Winch: Winch truck service and rig and job site deliveries available on your business online at through the West Virginia terminal location.

Rig and Job Site Delivery

Contract and Shuttle Services: Individually negotiated contract trucks and shuttle services available for dedicated customer shipments from some terminal locations.

Other Services Available Upon Request include storage, spot trailers, and distribution services.